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About Strem UK

Strem Chemicals UK Ltd, has had a presence in the UK and Ireland for over twenty five years, it distributes a range of high purity chemicals and specialist materials. Our clients include academic, industrial and governmental research laboratories as well as commercial scale businesses in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic and chemical industries

Upcoming Events


As part of our plan  to meet people and discuss how we can meet their needs, we are organising mini exhibitions at various sites including science parks and universities, both in the UK and Ireland

 Feel free to contact us if you would like us to exhibit at your place of work.  We will have lots of free literature  available for you to have and it’s a good opportunity to meet some of the team.

Catalysis without Precious Metals  on 17.10.2017

Strem Chemicals UK will be exhibiting at the upcoming
Metal catalysts based on palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, and platinum are routinely used in industry and academia for various applications in fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and agrochemical synthesis. New suites of powerful catalytic techniques that rely on non-precious metals or on main group elements are being discovered, developed, and exploited in synthetic chemistry.This will be discussed at the SCI
We then have a  mini exhibition at Manchester University, Chemistry Buildingon 25.10.2017

and a mini exhibition at Huddersfield University Chemistry Building on the 26.10.2017

This is the best way to meet researchers and listen to hear what they need from us to help with their research. All our new booklets will be available

Then Nigel Matthews will attend the

6th Winton Symposium

on 9.11.2017 which tackles the challenge of energy storage and distribution held in Cambridge at the University’s Cavendish Laboratory


 Past Events

Mary attended the Milner Therapeutic Institute symposium on the 8th October  The Milner enables partnerships between pharma, biotech, service providers and academia of which Strem Chemcals UK is a sponsor

On 30th June, Nigel Matthews joined JEMI’s meeting in Southampton. You can see his presentation here.

We have visited the Chemistry departments at Warwick, Liverpool and Loughborough Universities in the past months of May and June 2017 and attended the Dial-a-molecule Annual Meeting, Liverpool: Transforming Chemical Synthesis. We also met colleagues at the Centre for Plastic Electronics Annual Symposium 2017