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Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold in our precursors!

At the ALD 2017 conference, Mikko Ritala of the University of Helsinki, gave a talk about the gold compound, (N,N-Diethyldithiocarbamato)dimethylgold(III). This novel precursor gained a lot of attention at the meeting and has continued to be a topic of discussion with the ALD/CVD industry. Earlier this month, Strem introduced this exciting new compound 79-1700, N,N-Diethyldithiocarbamato)dimethylgold(III) (99,999%-Au) PURATREM.
A yellow solid, it melts completely below 50°C and easily sublimed at 100°C under full vacuum. The compound is reasonably stable in air, allowing it to be handled for shorter periods of time on the bench. This makes 79-1700 CAS Number: 93166-53-1 very convenient to work with.
Previous potential gold precursors tended to be thermally unstable or possess ligands that may complicate the film growth process.1,2 An important quality of this material is that it is thermally stable, even at elevated temperatures up to 220°C.
High-quality gold films have been formed by the deposition of 79-1700 followed by reaction with ozone, a common co-reactant in ALD processes, to yield the first gold thermal ALD process.3 The instability of the gold oxide formed allows for deposition of metallic gold films. The combination of exceptional stability and nearly complete one-step evaporation makes this precursor an excellent new candidate for the growth of high-quality films.
We are pleased to introduce this exciting new compound to the ALD and CVD communities.

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