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Strem Chemicals UK Ltd, has had a presence in the UK and Ireland for over twenty five years, it distributes a range of high purity chemicals and specialist materials. Our clients include academic, industrial and governmental research laboratories as well as commercial scale businesses in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic and chemical industries

Changing lives

Posted on 10/01/19
C Cisplatin revolutionised cancer treatment in 1978- 40th anniversary of first FDA approved, patient based anti-cancer drug Forty years ago, the US FDA approved more

A new calcium amidinate precursor

Posted on 13/12/18
CAS 1959584-78-1  20-8200 Our new precursor offers an improved ALD growthWindow for CaS thin films and alloys by using a new calcium amidinate precursor on calcium more

The First Porous Organic Polymer Sold…

Posted on 04/12/18
A Plastic that Sucks Carbon Dioxide Out of the Air - The field of porous adsorbents has become especially popular owing to the increase in energy consumption and the push more

Strem Offers One of the Most…

Posted on 06/11/18
Estimating Rising Demand for Ru Thin-films in the Next Generation Chips   The saturation of Moore’s curve while following systematic downscaling of logic and more

A greener future with exciting new…

Posted on 05/11/18
Strem Chemicals  is happy to offer Copper Indium DiSulfide/Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots with a variety of peak emission levels and a >75% quantum yield (QY)  We have six more

NanoSelect™ available in the UK

Posted on 16/10/18
An innovative solution from  BASF catalyst manufacturing technology (NanoSelect™) sold in collaboration with Strem Chemicals UK for research purposes, allows production more

Metal naphthenates from Strem Chemicals are…

Posted on 04/10/18
The metal naphthenate combination occurs naturally with mixtures of cycloaliphatic carboxylic acid moities (primarily cyclopentyl and cyclohexyl) with varying structures (10 to more

Strem Chemicals UK is now distributing…

Posted on 24/09/18
 An excellent reducing agent of which the electronic properties of potassium intercalated graphite promote a variety of uses in chemical synthesis  This deep, more

Strem Chemicals is distributing state-of-the-art GFETs…

Posted on 13/09/18
Graphene Field Effect Transistors (GFET) chips provide researchers with direct access to the latest graphene devices by providing a perfect platform more

High purity inorganic chemicals available in…

Posted on 11/09/18
High purity inorganics have been a part of our product line for many years 1988 Strem Chemicals officially launched the “PURATREM - High Purity Inorganics” line Each of more

Another exciting distribution agreement for Cadmium-Free…

Posted on 04/09/18
UbiQD, Inc, a nanotechnology company, has signed an agreement with Strem Chemicals, Inc to allow distribution of their innovative quantum dot (QD) technology Strem, more

Low cost gas management solutions offered…

Posted on 29/08/18
A new agreement for Strem Inc with framergy Inc producers and suppliers of the highest quality coordination polymers such as metal organic frameworks (MOFs) for the Oil & more

Working with Strem Chemicals UK to…

Posted on 20/08/18
The conductive bond has excellent chemical stability once cured Importantly, the bond retains its properties after exposure to 85% relative humidity and 85 ºC for more than more

High Strength Metallurgical Graphene (HSMG®) Sheets…

Posted on 06/08/18
Graphene monolayers grown on liquid metal matrix, demonstrate exceptional mechanical properties These large-area polycrystalline graphene sheets are manufactured with more

Another growth year for Strem Chemicals…

Posted on 01/08/18
We have seen an increase in customers relying on key product lines, such as metal catalysts, ligands (especially phosphines), organometallics and N-heterocyclic carbenes more

Strem UK joins Techworks

Posted on 17/07/18
Strem Chemicals UK is pleased to announce they are now members of Techworks the Umbrella for NMI Manufacturing and NMI Electronic Systems Design that supports the more

Current and future applications of layer…

Posted on 03/07/18
Layer Deposition of Platinum Thin Films - Current and Future Applications (Trimethyl)methylcyclopentadienylplatinum(IV)  is Popular for a Wide Range of ALD and more

News from the team at DZP…

Posted on 28/06/18
Our colleague Zlatka Stoeva the Managing Director of DZP was presenting ‘Graphene and beyond – 2D materials for energy storage applications’  a presentation more