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Green Award for Strem Chemicals UK

Nigel Matthews and Mary Kedward attended the Cambridgeshire SME Business Awards earlier this week at the Imperial War museum in Duxford where we were delighted to receive the runners up certificate for the Green Award

Being ‘green’ in business terms means reducing or removing the harmful impact that products or services have on the environment , so we are especially pleased to be recognised for our endeavors and to receive this award

It was an amazing evening held in one of the hangers at the Duxford Airfield amongst the 2nd world war airplanes which made it all the more exciting

With the increasing attention on sustainable chemistry, the public expects companies to ensure both new chemicals, and those already in a company’s portfolio, are more environmentally friendly. This pressure is especially intense on chemists because ‘green’ and ‘chemicals’ are not words that have typically gone together. In fact, the perception today is that the chemicals industry is not doing enough to promote safe chemistry, despite the range of vital and interesting work going on in this area.
We are keen to make sure that our corporate and social responsibility is maintained as high as possible, we try to run an ethical sustainable business providing local investment opportunities wherever possible.

Receiving the award

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Download these PDFs