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Strem Chemicals UK Ltd, has had a presence in the UK and Ireland for over twenty five years, it distributes a range of high purity chemicals and specialist materials. Our clients include academic, industrial and governmental research laboratories as well as commercial scale businesses in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic and chemical industries



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  • Changing lives10th January 2019C Cisplatin revolutionised cancer treatment in 1978– 40th anniversary of first FDA approved, patient based anti-cancer drug Forty years ago, the U.S. FDA approved the first platinum-based anti-cancer drug – cisplatin CAS 15663-27-1 ( 78-0455) & CAS 15663-27-1 (78-0450) Since that time there have been even more developments  in the treatment of cancer, but cisplatin […]
  • DZP working with Strem Chemicals UK21st March 2019Working with Strem Chemicals UK to market their exciting new materials, our colleagues at DZP Technologies have released a unique one-part aqueous silver conductive adhesive which forms a flexible bond after curing at 120°C called SA0850. The conductive bond has excellent chemical stability once cured. Importantly, the bond retains its properties after exposure to 85% […]
  • Strem Chemicals UK offers CVD/ALD bubblers & ampoules for R&D and high-volume manufacturing use13th March 2019Our parent company Strem Chemicals Inc has more than fifty years of experience in manufacturing inorganic and organometallic chemicals and probably the world´s most extensive product offering of MOCVD, CVD, and ALD precursors. Continually adding new products for this dynamic and exciting field, our range of products is presented in the online catalogue and include: […]

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