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About Strem UK

Strem Chemicals UK Ltd, has had a presence in the UK and Ireland for over twenty five years, it distributes a range of high purity chemicals and specialist materials. Our clients include academic, industrial and governmental research laboratories as well as commercial scale businesses in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic and chemical industries



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  • The First Porous Organic Polymer Sold to the Public4th December 2018A Plastic that Sucks Carbon Dioxide Out of the Air – The field of porous adsorbents has become especially popular owing to the increase in energy consumption and the push for alternative technologies involving the capture of gases. Porous Organic Polymers (POPs) are particularly exciting because of improved environmental performance, weight and potential cost.  In […]
  • Strem Offers One of the Most Promising Ruthenium Amidinate Precursors for Growing Ru ALD or CVD Films6th November 2018Estimating Rising Demand for Ru Thin-films in the Next Generation Chips   The saturation of Moore’s curve while following systematic downscaling of logic and memory devices has given rise to the biggest challenges involving contacts and interconnects in the chip.  The transistors (FinFETs at leading nodes) are getting better and better at smaller dimensions.  On […]

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