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Strem manufactures and markets a wide range of metals, inorganics, organometallics and nanomaterials for R&D in the pharmaceutical, microelectronics, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as academic and government institutions. We offer patent-free and proprietary catalysts and ligands for organic synthesis, often at kilo-scale, including many for asymmetric transformations. Our licensed technologies come royalty-free for R&D purposes

96-0224 Novozymes Endoprotease Screening Kit (contains 6 endoprotease enzymes)



This kit contains the following products:

Biocatalysts › Compounds
06-3110 Alcalase® 2.4 L FG 10g
06-3112 Alcalase® 2.5 L 10g
06-3115 Esperase® 8.0 L 10g
06-3137 Savinase® 12 T 10g
06-3150 Savinase® 16 L 10g
06-3160 Neutrase® 0.8 L 10g
Download these PDFs
Download these PDFs