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Strem manufactures and markets a wide range of metals, inorganics, organometallics and nanomaterials for R&D in the pharmaceutical, microelectronics, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as academic and government institutions. We offer patent-free and proprietary catalysts and ligands for organic synthesis, often at kilo-scale, including many for asymmetric transformations. Our licensed technologies come royalty-free for R&D purposes

Cobalt carbonyl – 27-0400



Cobalt carbonyl (Dicobalt octacarbonyl) (Stabilized with 1-5% hexanes)

Catalogue number: 27-0400 CAS: 10210-68-1

This cobalt complex is one of the most common homoleptic metal carbonyl complexes encountered in organometallic chemistry. Some of you may remember seeing it as an exam question dealing with the 18-electron rule. Its use in catalysis is textbook material. Its early usage in alkene hydroformylation had a significant impact in industrial homogeneous catalysis. It permitted early success in this transformation and the following evolution into modern systems based on heavier group congeners. The beautiful orange crystalline material readily sublimes and its affinity for alkyne fragments has led to its use in numerous organic transformations. The Pauson-Khand reaction is a classic mediated by this dimer. Other [2+2+2] reactions involving a range of reagents have also been reported. Ligands whether monodentate or bidentate (including chiral bidentates) have been used in conjunction with cobalt carbonyl to provide access to cyclic and asymmetric enones.

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