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Strem manufactures and markets a wide range of metals, inorganics, organometallics and nanomaterials for R&D in the pharmaceutical, microelectronics, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as academic and government institutions. We offer patent-free and proprietary catalysts and ligands for organic synthesis, often at kilo-scale, including many for asymmetric transformations. Our licensed technologies come royalty-free for R&D purposes

SA0850 Silver conductive adhesive

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Syringe packages of 5ml and 15 ml.

Shelf life > 12 months. The adhesive does not require mixing before use.

One-part, aqueous silver conductive adhesive which provides flexible bonding. It is ideally suited for use in wearable electronics, attaching textiles and printed patterns, and other applications where flexibility of the conductive bond is important. Additionally, the adhesive can be used for connecting rigid and flexible components to create hybrid electronics.


Silver content: 80%

Application method: manual dispensing, pneumatic ink dispensing, micro-extrusion, bar coating, brush.

Key substrates: conductive textiles, flexible and stretchable printed circuitry, composites and plastics, glass.

Cure temperature: heating above 80 °C.

Sheet resistance: 10 mOhms/sq at 25µm thickness when cured at 200 °C.

Viscosity: 2,500 – 5,000 mPa.s at 20 r.p.m. at 25 °C

Stability to moisture: no change in properties after 7 days at 85% relative humidity at 85 °C.

Pack size Total sale price, £
Syringe 5ml (12.5g) £125.00
Syringe 15ml (37.5g) £360.00

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